Cloud Features

Cloudwafer delivers smart cloud hosting solution for developers with special focus on SECURITY, RELIABILITY and PERFORMANCE .

The Cloudwafer Advantage

The best cloud services powered by Tier III Datacenter and premium upstream networks, thus providing custom cloud hosting with huge room for expansion so that we can cater for small and large scale operations instantly.



  • Easy Scaling

    Easy Scaling

    You get the full flexibility of cloud technology that allows you scale up CPU, RAM and Storage at any time and without a reboot.

  • High Availability

    High Availability

    We hate downtimes! — We use redundant hardware and software components to ensure your virtual servers are available 24/7.

  • Cloud KVM Virtualization

    Cloud KVM Virtualization

    Cloudwafer’s cloud utilizes the industry standard KVM Virtualisor. KVM gives you full access to your resources. No noisy neighbours.

  • Expert Support

    Expert Support

    Our experts deal with maintaining server and network uptime, security patches, port access, and any issues that may arise.

  • Advanced Security

    Advanced Security

    Our secure cloud hosting defends your data and applications, with Private Networks, Firewalls and VPN included across all configurations.

  • Redundant Network

    Redundant Network

    Cloudwafer owns and operates its multi-homed, fully redundant BGP peered network in an enterprise class Tier III Datacenter facility based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Full Root Access

Fast Provisioning

Server Snapshots

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Backup

Our Premium Network Provider and Partners

CloudWafer - Our Premium Network Provider and Partners