Colocation allows a business to rent sophisticated real estate where you can run your IT infrastructure and host your data allowing you to save the cost of owning your own data centre.

Some businesses can make do with Cloud hosting services and do not need to bother with housing their IT infrastructure since cloud computing is enough for them. They can simply plug into their virtual IT space via Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or whatever form of cloud hosting that fits their needs. However, some businesses require the control and capacity that colocation gives.

Colocation is a viable alternative to setting up your own data centre. Data centres can be incredibly expensive to operate. Especially data centres that are up to international standard.

Colocation with Cloudwafer should be considered for the following reasons:

Custom Hardware
When a business has unique server requirements but does not have the infrastructure to maintain such hardware on premise 24/7 and serving at optimal capacity, colocation is a brilliant solution. It saves you the attendant costs of operating a data centre while still deploying your unique IT infrastructure. Where your business also requires a lot of bandwidth, colocation provides an easy solution.

Restricted Content or Software
Most cloud hosting providers have restrictions on the kind of data you can host on their platform. A very popular example of restricted content is adult content. Some software will also not be allowed on some managed hosting environments. This leaves colocation as a great option if you must deal with the challenge of restricted software or content.

Telco connection
Special networking applications such as VPN or connection to a mobile network operator most often require you to set up your own high capacity server. The most cost effective solution to this is to use colocation services. You can set up your server in a data centre and manage it remotely while the data centre ensures constant and uninterrupted power, security, connectivity and other connected concerns.

Colocation gives your business control over your IT facilities. You can pick your devices and modify to your taste and needs. However, this can mean more responsibility too compared to using managed-hosting but much less responsibility compared to setting up your own managed data centre.

Being able to predict costs is important for most businesses. This an advantage of colocation since you know what to set aside for your IT infrastructure and can project initial costs. It is also cheaper than hosting your own infrastructure since colocation distributes the costs of operation across customers rather than you bearing the cost of your own housing.

Colocation ensures uptime since the data centre’s reputation as a business depends on 100% availability. Their business is to keep the facility running and this means that your infrastructure is connected 24/7/365 without fail.

Colocation means scalability when compared to hosting your own IT setup. Colocation means that you can just increase your rack space or decrease according to your needs. Since it is not permanently owned by you.

There are support teams on the ground to help with technical issues. It allows your IT personnel to concentrate on other important issues. You have no need to devote man-hours to server maintenance.

Colocation allows you to host your infrastructure in a compliant environment. Different government laws, policies and best practices guidelines require some level of compliance that is usually expensive to keep up with. Using Cloudwafer’s colocation services allows you to host your data in a fully compliant environment.

Disaster Management and Security
Colocation with Cloudwafer guarantees security. There are professional guards, CCTV, limited access (only approved and verified personnel) and several other security measures to make sure that unscrupulous elements do not have access to the hosted infrastructure. Also, measures are in place to ensure that disasters are managed properly to prevent loss of data or damage to infrastructure. For example- backup generators and fuel reservoirs are on standby in the event of power outages or fuel supply issues.

Businesses can also host their backup servers using Cloudwafer’s colocation services to prevent data loss in the event of a disaster.

Cloudwafer’s colocation service presents the unique opportunity for businesses to outsource their IT infrastructure to concentrate on their primary business while saving cost and enjoying reliability.

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