Software developers, by the nature of their jobs, are more inclined towards freelance jobs. Even those with 9 - 5 jobs would love side jobs to boost income and sometimes liven up the routine of their day jobs.
Apart from being good at what you do and having relevant skills, developers also have to do the following to get freelance jobs in Nigeria:

Build a portfolio online
The first thing any hirer or potential does these days is to check up their potential hiree up online. A Google search should turn up relevant and impressive works. You may find it difficult selling yourself, especially if you do not see yourself as a salesman and would rather ‘concentrate’ on coding your way to big bucks.

However, building an online portfolio makes it easy for potential clients to find and hire you after seeing who you are and what you can do. Make your portfolio align with your objectives. For instance, if you want to find front-end development jobs, populate your portfolio with front-end development works you have done and let your statements align.

Spread your great reputation
You are a great developer, you have earned the bragging rights, blow your trumpet. Being a very good software developer or engineer is not enough. A solid reputation is what will bring in the great jobs. You want people to know what you do and that you do it well. Being good at what you do is one step to building a reputation. The next step is to make positive efforts to promote your reputation.

One way to spread your reputation is to write about software development, another is to teach it. Social media and freelance platforms are ideal for spreading word about your reputation and getting freelance jobs directly.

Reviews and Testimonial
The importance of reviews and testimonials for any business cannot be overemphasized. The programmer is an entrepreneur who should think like one. Encourage, request, get and publish reviews for potential clients to see. It gives them a modicum of assurance that you have succeeded once before and can do it again on their project.

Contribute to open source projects
A number of advantages accrue from contributing to open source projects. And they all contribute to the success of any freelance software developer, whether directly or indirectly.

Contributing to an open source project adds to your portfolio and allows you to be a part of huge projects that you may ordinarily not have the opportunity to partake in. It also allows you to learn from the ideas of other developers and add it to your repertoire.
Other developers can also employ you to work with them on projects through your open source contributions.

Focus and build relationships
One final tip is that you have a focus and build relationships on that focus. It is impossible to succeed as a freelancer if you do not have a focus. The biggest projects are more likely to come from referrals. Your relationships will drive in referrals.

One last factor is that you actually deliver on promises you make. Often, you will have to decide where and how to host a client’s applications in the cloud. Having the best hosting platform is important if you want to deliver on promises and exceed expectations. Cloudwafer offers Simple, Fast and Reliable High-Performance Cloud, Custom Dedicated, and Enterprise Infrastructure Hosting services to help you deliver.