Hostname is a command to display the DNS name of a server or NIS domain name. It is a name that is given to a computer that attached to the network that uniquely identifies over a network and thus allows it to be accessed without using its IP address.

Deploying your cloud server
If you have not already registered with Cloudwafer, you should begin by getting signed up. Take a moment to create an account after which you can quickly deploy your cloud servers.

Once you have signed up, log into your Cloudwafer Client Area with the password provided in your mail and deploy your Cloudwafer cloud server.

You can check your current hostname with the following command:

hostname -f

The output should be your main domain name for server or a sub-domain of it. If it is not, you can edit it using the command below:

sudo nano /etc/hostname

Ensure to save the file before closing.

Next, reboot the system using the command below:

sudo reboot

After rebooting, check the hostname again and the hostname would reflect the change.